Our Vision Statement

    Our purpose at the Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic is to go above and beyond the service expectations of the client, by providing exceptional medicine and surgery which improves the health, welfare, and quality of life of all animals.

We recognize the human animal bond and the value of the companionship brought to us by these special household family members.

We are dedicated to helping producers thrive economically through value added services and herd health training which results in a healthy, nourishing product for the public.

We are also committed to first class care of our equine companions. We support a wide range of equine athletes and strive to help them compete successfully and safely.  

With open, good communication we strive to educate our clients with reliable, accurate information so they can make good decisions and provide better care for their animals.

Our team is success oriented and we love what we do. If we are successful, patients receive better care; our clients get better service; our staff and their families flourish; and the entire community benefits.