Small Animal Services

Here at the Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic we offer many services for our patients whether it is general health care, accidental injuries, or long term health issues. We recognize the human animal bond and the value of the companionship brought to us by these special household family members. When you come to our clinic you will see the great care and quality service provided to you and your four legged friends from all members of our professional team. Below is a breakdown of the services we are here to provide.

Preventative Healthcare:

When you bring your pet in to the clinic their health care is of upmost importance to us. From the time they enter your life it is important to maintain a regular healthcare routine. This starts with preventative healthcare for your pet. We encourage all pet owners to come in annually for a wellness exam. Our pets age at a different rate than we do and a lot can change for them in a year. When you and your pet come in for their annual exam our veterinarians will give them a full physical exam, checking their mouth, ears, and listening to their heart and lungs. At this time you can discuss with our vets the best nutritional diet plan and parasite prevention program for your furry companion. It will also give us a chance to detect any problems or diseases early. Early detection of these problems will usually allow for more options and better success in treatment.

It is important that your pet is prepared for the dangers it may encounter in the big wide world. They should receive vaccinations for some of the serious infectious diseases they may come across and dewormer should be used to control any common parasites they may encounter. The vaccines they receive will help protect them against canine parvovirus, distemper, canine influenza, feline rhinotracheitis, calcivirus, and panleukopenia. We hope to prevent you and your pet from ever having to deal with any of these scenarios down the road.

Medical Services:

Surgical Services:

Laser Therapy:

Dental Services:


Microchip Identification:

Tattoo Identification: